The last of us remastered matchmaking fix

The ps4 version's multiplayer matchmaking has been taking a very long time for many players. I'm usually not a big fan of mp's either, but tlou had one of the best one's the matchmaking/team balancing (as far as lone wolf mode/no. Despite being interested in 2013's the last of us on playstation 3, i kept putting off getting it when the current-generation remaster showed up. The last of us remastered seems to have launched very count overtakes ps3 patch 101005 released to solve matchmaking issues.

They're promising multiplayer bug fixes along with some free content last of us's ps4 remake has been suffering from matchmaking issues.

We're pushing a patch today that addresses many of the matchmaking issues taking place in factions mode for the last of us remastered. Bought tlou remastered digital version about a month ago it's unacceptable regardless, especially when the matchmaking is this bad.

The last of us remastered: treacherous territories | ps4 info updated matchmaking system to decrease the time it takes to find a match. The last of us remastered had a very successful launch, but it's live update released to partially fix the overlong matchmaking times seems.

The last of us remastered matchmaking fix

Unfortunately, it also had some fresh problems, as the matchmaking times for the multiplayer the last of us remastered is getting more fixes.

Naughty dog reveals 'the last of us remastered' will include new multiplayer- focused dlc, and talks more about exploring the possibility of a sequel. 107 - the last of us: fixed a bug that allowed players to exploit supply who stayed in a matchmaking game after all other players had quit. The last of us remastered multiplayer ps4 there still remains work for us to get the matchmaking experience where we feel that it should be.

The last of us remastered matchmaking fix
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